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Hardware Service Level Agreement


Purpose: To define the classification of incidents, means of reporting, and establish expectations for availability and response times in relation to Hardware leased by Customers from EHost247.com.


Description: EHost247.com provides support services for Hardware supplied as a component of Services. EHost247.com will replace or repair any failed components of EHost247.com owned servers at no cost to the customer. Replacement will commence once EHost247.com identifies the cause of the

problem. This SLA describes the expected response and replacement times of those services.


Measurement: The Service Levels are defined in terms of availability to Customers and in

terms of time to respond to Customer initiated trouble tickets.


EHost247.com uses the following Incident Classification System:

Severity Criteria


The entire site is down, performance has become

unacceptable, or a major function affecting many visitors or buyers is inoperative.

Examples: Failure of a non-redundant component, such as a database server, or non redundant disk or power supply;


The site is operating normally, but a redundant component or supporting feature has failed.

Examples: Failure of a disk or server in a redundant RAID array or cluster, where the remaining disks or servers can adequately handle the increased load. Failure of one of a multiple of redundant power supplies.


The site is available and performing adequately.

Examples: Preventative maintenance, upgrades, non-urgent patches, certain configuration changes.


Targets: Replacement Times in the case of a Hardware failure:

High Low

Four Hours


Next Business Day

Professional Servers

Next Working Day

Within five working days


All Other Servers

Reporting: EHost247.com shall generate all reports. All reports will be available through the customer portal provider to the Customer by EHost247.com and will be provided via Email on request.


Fees: Charges for hardware / dedicated servers include all charges for hardware maintenance and replacement. There are no fees uniquely associated with this SLA. Non Professional servers can avail of faster replacement times by paying a surcharge.


Responsibilities: The Customer shall pay all charges due to EHost247.com on time, to ensure

compliance with this SLA. The Customer shall report deviations to EHost247.com within 4 working days

following the occurrence of such deviations. EHost247.com shall verify Customers reports of deviations and issue any credits due within 30 days of receiving such reports.

Monitoring: EHost247.com shall perform all monitoring functions.

Dispatch: EHost247.com shall perform all dispatch functions, including keeping the Customer informed as to the status and eventual completion of

replacements or repairs.


Problem Determination: EHost247.com shall perform all problem determination functions.

Problem Resolution: EHost247.com shall perform all problem resolution functions.

Corrective Upon being notified by the Customer of a missed Service Level,

Actions: EHost247.com shall promptly diagnose the cause and take reasonable actions to correct it.

Remedies: The Customer shall receive a full days credit for charges paid for Hardware / Dedicated Server for each hour in any given month which the Service Level is not met. Such credit shall be limited to the equivalent of one months fees paid by the Customer for Hardware / Dedicated Server under this Agreement.


Risk Transfer EHost247.comís financial responsibility shall be limited to the remedies

& Limitation presented herein. The Customer is encouraged to obtain third-party of Liability: insurance to cover potential loses that are greater than those covered by the Remedies contained herein Contract: This Service Level Agreement is an Exhibit to the Services Agreement entered into by the Customer with EHost247.com. The definitions, terms and conditions of that Agreement are incorporated herein by reference.

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